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Can Men Use Women's Skincare products?

by Bibakart India on Jul 31, 2023

Can Men Use Women's Skincare products? Now that we know more about how men's and women's skin is different, we can think of ways to fix or make up for these differences in a makeup routine.

If you type "moisturizer" into Google, you'll probably find pages and pages with products for women.

In reality, there are more women than guys who buy skin care products. So, it can be hard to find skin care products made just for men.

So what should a cool guy do? Use a cream made for women's skin and hope it works? 

Slow down, friend. That might not be the best thing to do. Before buying, the first thing you see, there are a few things you need to know. 

If you're a guy looking for skin care, you may have had this existential crisis: can men use "female" skin care products? Will they make your face better? Do men and women start out with different skin?

Today, we're going to talk about this topic. We're going to look at some of the most common differences between men's and women's skin and how these differences can affect your choice of skincare items.

What's the difference between skin on a man and a woman?

When we talk about the changes between men's and women's skin, we don't mean that they are completely different from each other. We're talking about changes in degree, like how men's skin is usually thicker, oilier, and darker than women's skin.

"Several studies have compared the biophysical properties of men's and women's skin," the review says. For some parameters, most of the time the same answers were given.

For example, guys have more sebum because sex hormones have a big effect on sebum. Also, men's skin is darker and thicker, their wrinkles are deeper, and their lower eyelids sag more than women's.

However, there is no major difference between men's and women's skin elasticity.

In short, men's skin is usually: Oilier; Thicker; More acidic, which means that the pH is lower; More colored, which means darker.

Shaving is yet another thing that can have a big effect on how men's skin acts on a daily basis. A study found that about 40% of guys say they have sensitive skin when asked to rate themselves. When talking about what men's skin needs, it's important to remember that shaving can make this sensitivity worse.

It's important to talk about how much time you spend in the sun.  Guys know less about the sun, sun safety, and the risk of skin cancer. Add to that the fact that men are more likely to die from melanoma than women, and it's easy to see why sun exposure is such an important part of men's skin care practices.

Do guys need to take care of their skin? Men's skin care tips

Men's skin care tips

Now that we know more about how men's and women's skin is different, we can think of ways to fix or make up for these differences in a makeup routine. 

  • For instance: Men tend to have oilier skin than women, which could make them more likely to get acne as adults. To make up for this, a man's skin care routine needs to include ingredients that control sebum and/or make the face look matte. 
  • Products should help calm skin that has been inflamed and stop new breakouts from happening;
  • Based on the last tip, it's possible that guys have more trouble with pores that are too big. This is another problem that can be helped (within reason) by using certain skin care products that close pores.
  • Since shaving is something guys do often, it's important to use shaving products that are gentle and good for sensitive skin. We've seen that a lot of guys have sensitive skin, and shaving can make it worse. So, shaving is a very important part of a men's skin care practice.
  • It's very important for men's skin care routines to include sunscreen, both for daily use and for times when they'll be exposed to more sun, like when they're on vacation or playing sports outside.

Skin care items for men and women are different.

We've already seen that men's and women's skin is different, and that men may have different skin care needs than women for different reasons. 

Now the question is: Can "skincare products for women" meet these needs, or does a man need products "for men"?

There are no ingredients or products that only work for guys or women when it comes to skincare. Marketing has made us think that most skin care products are "for women," with a few "for men" brands and lines popping up here and there. However, this is more about how the products are marketed than anything else.

So, if you're a man who wants to build a skincare routine, You have two choices: 

  • You can ignore the packaging that says "for men" or "for women" and choose whatever products you like, which will give you a lot more options and access to more specialized products and ingredients, 
  • Or you can stick to products that say "for men," which will make your decision easier but may limit your access to certain types of products that aren't usually marketed to men.

In the end, it doesn't matter what gender you are as long as your practice and the products you use are right for your skin.