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The Importance of Bonding with Your Newborn: Tips for New Moms

by Vivek K on Feb 19, 2023

Mother Holding New born Baby hand - Baby Care

As a new mother, you've certainly heard a lot of people tell you how crucial bonding is with your child. But do you understand why closeness is so important? Forming a connection with your new-born via the process of bonding is essential for your baby's growth. In this blog, we'll go over the importance of connecting with your new-born baby and provide some advice on how to make that link stronger.

Why is it crucial to connect with your new-born?

Makes your child feel safe and cherished

Infants have a natural need for human interaction, and developing a close link with you gives them a feeling of safety and comfort. Babies are more likely to eventually acquire appropriate emotional and social abilities when they feel safe and loved. 

Enhances brain growth

According to research, a baby's brain development may be positively impacted by a close relationship with a carer. Babies are more willing to explore their surroundings when they feel secure and loved, which may aid in the formation of new neural connections and pathways in the brain. 

Makes nursing better

Being close to your infant might also help with nursing. Oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the "bonding hormone" because it fosters emotions of connection and intimacy between a mother and her infant, is one of the hormones released during breastfeeding.


Hints on establishing a close relationship with your infant

Body-to-body contact

It's a great approach to developing a relationship with your baby to touch their skin. Hold your infant close to your naked chest and let them cuddle up. Skin-to-skin contact encourages the release of hormones that foster bonding while regulating your baby's body temperature, heart rate, and respiration.

Speak to your Baby

A great method to deepen your connection with your child is via conversation. Hearing your voice may be quite soothing to your kid, even if they might not comprehend what you're saying. Also, it aids in your infant learning the sounds of your language, which may subsequently aid in language development.

Keep your New-born baby near

Your kid will feel more comfortable and protected if you hold them near. When you go about your day, keep your baby near to you by using a baby carrier, sling, or wrap. You'll have more time on your hands to do tasks, and your baby will love the feeling of being near you.

Establish eye contact

Bonding may be facilitated by maintaining eye contact with your infant. As you chat to or feed your kid, look into their eyes. Your baby will appreciate the focus, and you'll develop a stronger bond with your little one.


Developing a close relationship with your infant is essential for their emotional, social, and cognitive growth. You may deepen your relationship with your child and provide them with the stability and love they need to flourish by using the advice we've covered in this blog. Never forget to spend time every day talking to your infant and cherishing the unique moments you experience together.